Zechariah is a prophetic book written by Zechariah the prophet that appears in the Old Testament section of the Bible. It contains prophecy that relates to the times that the Left Behind books deal with.


  • Zechariah 14:1-15 is the prophecy that the Lord will come to fight against those who fight against Jerusalem, with the Lord setting foot on the Mount of Olives that causes it to split into a valley. It also mentions a flesh-dissolving plague which the Lord will strike those who come against Jerusalem with. This prophecy was fulfilled in the book "Glorious Appearing" when Jesus came down from heaven to deal with the Global Community's Unity Army.
  • Zechariah 14:16-19 is the prophecy that the surviving nations after the Tribulation will come to Jerusalem to observe the Feast Of Tabernacles during the Millennial Kingdom period, with the punishment for nations that won't observe this feast being that they will not have any rain. This took place in "Kingdom Come", when Egypt refused to send any representatives to the feast, and God sent Tsion Ben-Judah to chastise them for their disobedience.

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