The Wongs are a family from China which consists of Ming Toy (formerly married, but widowed by events in the early years of the Tribulation), her brother Chang, and their parents. Ming and Chang both became believers during the Tribulation while the parents were Carpathia loyalists, the father much more so than the mother. In "The Mark", Mr. Wong was so adamant to have Chang not only work at the Global Community Palace as a computer expert, but also to be the first new employee to bear the "mark of loyalty", that he had his son drugged in order for him to receive the mark despite also having the mark of God. Later on in "Desecration", when the High Reverend Father of Carpathianism Leon Fortunato issued a decree that all citizens must either take the "mark of loyalty" or suffer death, Chang convinced his parents to become believers. In "The Remnant", Ming went to China under the guise of a Peacekeeper named Chang Chow in order to find her parents. She learned that while they both became believers, her father suffered death as a martyr while her mother was still alive but in hiding.

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