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War of the Dragon
Book SeriesLeft Behind: The Kids
AuthorTim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
PublisherTyndale House
Release DateOctober, 2003
Preceded ByEscape to Masada
Followed ByAttack on Petra

"War of the Dragon" is the 32nd book of the Left Behind: The Kids series. It's release date was in October of 2003. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Book Synopsis

Synopsis retrieved from back of the book.

A scary face at the Wisconsin hideout sends Vicki Byrne on another dangerous mission. Before the mystery is solved, Vicki hears shocking news and tries to help a friend fearing for her life.

In Israel, Judd Thompson and Lionel Washington witness a concert of evil. As the world spins out of control, Judd wonders if they will ever make it home. 

In Petra, Sam Goldberg watches Global Community troops draw near. Will Tsion Ben-Hudah be right about his prediction about the saftey of Petra? 

Notable Characters


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