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Viviana Ivinisova

Alias Viv Ivins
Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian Russian
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died Day of Glorious Appearing, cause unspecified
Occupation Spiritual mentor to Marilena and Nicolae Carpathia, later implementor of the Global Community "mark of loyalty" system
Relatives None known
Religion Satanist
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance The Indwelling

Viv Ivins (real name Viviana Ivinisova, Вивиана Ивинисова), was the spiritual mentor of Nicolae Jetty Carpathia. She was a Satanist from Russia who worked under the "association" of Jonathan Stonagal through Project People's Victory, helping Marilena Carpathia become pregnant with Nicolae and then later having her disposed of when he was a young child. During Nicolae's early years she and Reiche Planchette tended Carpathia's every whim. She would during Nicolae's reign as Supreme Potentate of the Global Community help implement the "mark of loyalty" system on all its citizens. However, despite her deep devotion, she would later suffer indignities from Carpathia when she sat upon his throne in the Temple in Jerusalem, which lasted until a year prior to the end of the Tribulation. Though her fate wasn't mentioned in Glorious Appearing, the Dramatic Audio presentation of the story reveals that she was killed by a 50-lb. hailstone in the seventh Bowl Judgment (in the episode "On The Run"). After the second coming she would certainly be one of the condemned souls (Goats) in the Sheep and Goats Judgement of Glorious Appearing, due to her involvement in the birth of the Antichrist, her Satanist beliefs, her involvement in branding people with the Number of the Beast (666) during the Tribulation, and her deep devotion to the Antichrist himself.  

Viv Ivin's name comes from the Roman numerals VI VI VI, which is 666, the Number of the Beast. However, the real Roman numerals for 666, which is "six hundred and sixty-six", is DCLXVI, which if used in an actual name would result in something like Declan Xavier.

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