Verna Zee


Verna Zee

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian American (novels), African American (movie)
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died 21 months after the start of Tribulation
Occupation Senior editor of Global Weekly Chicago office
Relatives None known
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Presumably condemned
First Appearance Tribulation Force

Verna Zee was the replacement senior editor for the Chicago office of Global Weekly following Lucinda Washington's disappearance in the Rapture in "Tribulation Force". Her relationship with Buck Williams was rather confrontational due to his recent behavior regarding his whereabouts in the United Nations meeting Nicolae Carpathia had held in "Left Behind". She intended to have Buck work right in the office, but after a talk with Stanton Bailey she reluctantly permitted him to work straight from his apartment. Following events that left Chicago devastated in World War III, Verna tried to be friends with Buck, his wife Chloe, and New Hope Village Church's secretary Loretta, whom she stayed with for a time when she lost her residence. However, upon seeing the now-fugitive Tsion Ben-Judah appearing at the church for Bruce Barnes' memorial service, Verna threatened to expose the truth. Buck eventually reasoned with her to not expose anything about Tsion, though by accidentally getting her to reveal that she was a lesbian. It is not known what her final fate was past the Wrath Of The Lamb, though it is assumed in the Dramatic Audio presentation of "Soul Harvest" that she perished along with the rest of the Chicago office staff when the earthquake leveled the building.

In Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, Verna Zee was played by Sandi Ross, most likely as a composite character that combined elements of herself with the nonexistent Lucinda Washington.

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