André Dupree

Alias Uncle André
Gender Male
Nationality African American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died A week or so after the Rapture
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Lucinda Washington (Sister; Raptured)

Charles Washington (Brother-in-law; Raptured)
Lionel Washington (Nephew)
Ronnie Washington (Nephew; Raptured)
Clarice Washington (Niece; Raptured)
Luci Washington (Niece; Raptured)

Religion Originally nonbeliever, became Christian at death
Spiritual State Saved sometime after Rapture
First Appearance Left Behind: The Kids

Uncle Andre, Andre Dupree, is Lionel Washington's uncle. He grew up in a religious family but didn't accept his family's faith in his own life. After the disappearances, he went undercover to escape from some of his creditors. He was eventually found, and made to live in an apartment in the city. Lionel went to visit him and tried to share the gospel with him, but Andre refused to listen. Later on, Judd, Vicki, Ryan, and Lionel went to see him but found his apartment on fire. Judd and Lionel raced into the burning building and carried Andre away from the deliberately set fire. Lionel desperately begged his uncle to accept Jesus before it was too late, but Andre died within minutes. In the last book, Lionel sees his uncle once again at the foot of the throne of Jesus, receiving a crown for his belief in God minutes before he died.

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