Tripocalypse is a free to play pen-and-paper role playing game based on the events depicted on Left Behind. It is designed to be easily played online, uses the Emlia system to resolve game mechanics, and features two scenarios -- one that covers the 900 years that are glossed over in Kingdom Come (novel) and one in which the events of Glorious Appearing are altered by a group of humans who decided to side neither with Jesus nor with Carpathia. The two scenarios can interlace by use of a supernatural tunnel, with the players having to discover which scenario is the "true" reality.

The intent of Tripocalypse is to provide a rules-light setting in which to explore narrative causality, storytelling, and issues of predestination versus free will in a light framework modeled after Saturday morning cartoons.

The full game is released here as part of the Very Different Places collections, and is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

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