Boeing 777 above clouds, crop

Aircraft Name: Boeing 777 (757 in book series)
Aircraft Type: Jet Airliner
Manufacturer: Boeing
Entered Service: Near start of the Tribulation
Used As: Air Force One, later renamed Global Community One, for 18 months
Replaced By: Condor 216

The 777 (or "Triple-Seven") was a type of jet airliner that was put in use around the start of the Tribulation in the Dramatic Audio presentations of the Left Behind books. (The aircraft in question in the main book series itself was a 757.) Rayford Steele was tested out as the pilot of this plane while he was still working for Pan-Continental, when he realized that he was going to be the pilot for the new Air Force One, which was a 777. As it turned out, Rayford became Nicolae Carpathia's pilot when Air Force One was rebranded as Global Community One, though without United States President Gerald Fitzhugh's knowledge or approval.

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