Tribulation Force Book 2 Volume V

Tribulation Force Book 2 Volume V is the tenth book in a series of Left Behind graphic novels, and the last one published.

Plot Summary

Following the signing of the seven-year treaty between Israel and the Global Community, Tsion Ben-Judah makes his daring revelation from his studies that [Jesus Christ] is truly the Messiah of the Jews, making him a public enemy in his own country. 18 months later, as Rayford Steele now works as Nicolae Carpathia's personal pilot and Buck Williams is now the editor of Global Community Weekly, a dual engagement and a dual wedding takes place, with Rayford marrying Amanda White and Buck marrying Chloe. But trouble is brewing, as United States President Gerald Fitzhugh is planning to rebel against Carpathia's hold of the world. As war soon breaks out with the second Seal Judgment, the Tribulation Force suffers its first casualty: Bruce Barnes has died.

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