Tribulation Force Book 2 Volume IV

Tribulation Force Book 2 Volume IV is the ninth book in a series of Left Behind graphic novels.

Plot Summary

As Buck Williams and Rayford Steele travel to Jerusalem for the signing of the seven-year treaty between the Global Community and Israel for licensed use of Chaim Rosenzweig's synthetic fertilizer formula in exchange for protection from Israel's enemies, Buck meets up with Tsion Ben-Judah, who is ready to reveal to the world who the Messiah is from his years of research. Buck and Tsion get to meet the two witnesses Eli and Moishe at the Wailing Wall in private, though they earlier witness a militant Muslim consumed by flames for attempting to gun them down. As the treaty is signed, the witnesses proclaim, "Thus begins the last terrible week of the Lord!" -- meaning the Tribulation has begun.

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