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Through the Flames
Book SeriesLeft Behind: The Kids
AuthorTim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Release DateJuly, 1998
Preceded BySecond Chance
Followed ByFacing the Future

"Through the Flames" is the third book of the Left Behind: The Kids series. Its release date was in July of 1998. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Book Synopsis

Synopsis retrieved from back of the book.

To prove his worth to the others, Ryan sneaks around associates of Lionel's Uncle Andre to find out what he can about Andre's fate. What he learns puts his friends in grave danger.

Judd and Lionel narrowly escape with their lives in a harrowing rescue attempt in an apartment fire set by a murderer.

Notable Characters

The believers:

  • Judd Thompson Jr.
  • Vicki Byrne
  • Lionel Washington
  • Ryan Daley (becomes a believer)
  • Bruce Barnes
  • Rayford Steele
  • Andre Dupree (secretly becomes a believer, death)

The unbelievers:

  • Nicolae Carpathia
  • LeRoy Banks
  • Talia Grey
  • Cornelius Grey
  • Tom Fogarty (first appearance)


  • Ryan Daley becomes a believer. He is the last original member of The Young Tribulation Force to make the decision to follow Christ.
  • Andre Dupree becomes a believer just before he dies, but this is not revealed until book 40.
  • Andre Dupree is killed by LeRoy Banks.
  • First appearance of Tom Fogarty.