The Meeting of the Witnesses was an event that took place at the Teddy Kollek Stadium in Jerusalem in the book "Apollyon", which many Tribulation Saints went to or watched. The thing was administered by Tsion Ben-Judah.


Name Watched From...

Days Attended/Watched

Tsion Ben-Judah Leader All days
Cameron "Buck" Williams Attended All days
Lukas Miklos Ptolemai, Greece First and Second
Ming Toy Brussels, Belgium Unknown
Michael Shorom Attended Unknown
Mrs. Miklos Ptolemai, Greece First and Second
Chaim Rosenzweig Attended Last
Jacov Attended First and Last
Stefan Attended Second and Last
Hannelore Attended Last
Chloe Steele/Williams Attended All Days
Montgomery "Mac" McCullum Condor 216 All Days
GC Guard Attended All Days (?)
Eli Spoke First and Last
Moishe Spoke First and Last

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