The Mark: an Experience in Sound and Drama

The Mark: an Experience in Sound and Drama is a release of the following episodes of the Left Behind radio drama, based on the eighth book of the original book series:

1. David's Search
2. Racing For Hattie
3. Pueblo Surprise
4. Finding Annie
5. Hattie's News
6. Hattie's Apology
7. Rayford's Plan
8. Hannah Palemoon
9. Run Or Die
10. Faithful To The End
11. Forcing Loyalty
12. The Crash


"Will you look at that? The new symbol of peace and tolerance -- the guillotine."

- Chloe Williams as she watches Leon Fortunato talk about the "loyalty enforcement facilitator"

"'How are you doing, Dave? Just finished my message, Dave. Can't find my C drive, Dave.'"

- Hannah Palemoon humorously imagining what Tsion Ben-Judah would say on the phone to David Hassid.

"Your head's as good as used."

- Hannah Palemoon after she finishes removing the staples from David Hassid's head.

"Gentlemen and ladies, I must say I have a new lease on life!"

- Nicolae Carpathia


Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins: Original Authors
Chris Fabry: Adaptation
Todd Busteed: Director
Steve Wick: Music

Publication Date: July 30, 2002

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