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The Beast Arises
Book SeriesLeft Behind: The Kids
AuthorTim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Release DateFebruary, 2003
Preceded ByDeath at the Gala
Followed ByWildfire!

"The Beast Arises" is the 26th book of the Left Behind: The Kids series. Its release date was in February 2003. It was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Book Synopsis

Synopsis retrieved from back of the book.

A deadly earthquake fulfills yet another prophecy in Jerusalem, and Judd and Lionel make a startling discovery.

From a new hiding place, Vicki and the others watch the frightening events unfold in Israel and try to warn kids around the world about what's ahead.

Judd and Lionel finally set out for home, but a detour will take them into a horrifying world of evil.

Notable Characters

Original Members of The Young Tribulation Force:

Other Members of The Young Tribulation Force:


  • Z-Van's pilot, Westin Jakes, becomes a believer.
  • Z-Van's real name is revealed to be Myron Vanzangler.
  • Kasim is killed by an earthquake that wiped out 10 percent of Jerusalem's population.
  • Judd and Lionel meet Z-Van.
  • Leon Fortunato speaks to Judd for the first time since Judd's graduation in book 8. Leon does not recognize Judd, however.
  • Jeff Williams and his father are killed by the Global Community.
  • The Global Community start setting fires in the homes and quarters occupied by believers.