This article has a real world counterpart outside of Left Behind.
This subject has a counterpart in the real world. However, information in this article comes from the fictional universe of the Left Behind franchise.

Teddy Kollek Stadium (Hebrew: אצטדיון טדי‎, Itztadion Teddy) is a multi-use stadium in Jerusalem, Israel. It is named for long-time Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek who was in office during the time of its construction and was one of its prominent advocates. The stadium is located at the terminus of the Begin Expressway and just past the Malha Train Station, which ensures convenient road and rail access to the rest of the country. Because of its beauty and atmosphere (stands are close to the pitch and the acoustics are excellent), Teddy Kollek Stadium also hosted Israel national football team matches in the past as well as the Maccabiah Games opening ceremony and other public events.

The Stadium was put in use in "Apollyon" when Tsion Ben-Judah was granted a three-day visit in Jerusalem by the Global Community to meet with the 144,000 Jews there.

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