Character Name: Taylor Graham
Gender: Male
Nationality: Caucasian American
Born: ? Years Before Rapture
Died: Sometime during the Tribulation
Occupation: Unknown
Relations: Conrad Graham (brother)
Spiritual state: Condemned
First appeared in: Left Behind: The Kids

Taylor Graham is the older brother of Conrad Graham. He worked for Maxwell Stahley as his pilot, and after Maxwell's death, decided to do everything he could to stop the Global Community. Judd Thompson and Ryan Daley hired him on as their pilot on their trip to Israel, and on the return flight, suspected Taylor of trying to turn them over to the GC. Though they escaped from him, they later learned that he was acting as a double-agent and using his GC connections to get his brother, Conrad, out of the Morale Monitor program.

Taylor helped to hide Judd and Ryan from the GC who were looking for anyone that had had anything to do with the Stahley family. Taylor often used force in rescuing people, much to the dismay of the group, who witnessed to him as often as they could. Taylor once again flew Mitchell Stein, Judd, and Lionel to Israel and tried to kill Nicolae Carpathia, but was stopped by an angel.

He attacked a GC power station, but it didn't go as he planned and was wounded by a gunshot. He ended up getting killed, never becoming a believer. His last action was to confess his love to his fellow conspirator Hasina, stalling the Global Community enough for her to make her escape.

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