Reboot Movie Exclusive Character
This character is exclusive to the Stoney Lake Entertainment Left Behind movie series.

Shasta Carwell

Gender Female
Nationality African American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation Mother
Relatives Daughter (taken in rapture)
Religion Originally nonbeliever, later Christian
Spiritual State Saved after the Rapture
First Appearance Left Behind (2014 movie)

Shasta Carwell is a character from the 2014 LEFT BEHIND movie. She is one of the passengers on board the flight from New York to London which Rayford Steele was the pilot of when the Rapture took place. She brought on board the flight a daughter which was taken up in the Rapture. She suspected foul play on board the flight and threatened the other passengers with a gun, demanding to know which one of them took her daughter for ransom. Buck Williams helped calm the woman down, telling her that what happened wasn't any sort of foul play that any of the passengers or the pilot were involved in, while another passenger told her that it was likely the Rapture that took place. Shasta then thought about committing suicide, but Cameron talked her down from doing so and relinquished the gun for her. Near the end of the movie, she was praying with another passenger to God for salvation when Rayford Steele was bringing the aircraft down for an emergency landing.

She is played by Jordin Sparks.

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