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Sergeant Flanigan

Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Police Officer
Spiritual State unknown

Sergeant Flanigan was a police officer with the Des Plaines police. His spiritual state is unknown. He was not taken in the Rapture.



Sergeant Flanigan operated with the Des Plaines police, and rose to the rank of Sergeant.


During the aftermath of the Rapture, Sergeant Flanigan was sent to the scene of a gas-main explosion that destroyed several cars, killing many, including Ryan Daley's mother, Marjorie Daley.

Personality and Skills

  • Kindness- Sergeant Flanigan showed kindness to Ryan Daley in the aftermath of his mother's death, asking him if he had relatives who could take care of him.
  • Adept Police Officer- It is assumed the Sergeant Flanigan is a skilled police officer as he was able to rise to the rank of sergeant.

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