The Seal Judgments, as mentioned in Revelation chapter 6, took place within the first 21 months of the Tribulation in the Left Behind books.

  • The second Seal Judgment, the Horseman Of War, took place 18 months after the signing of the seven-year agreement with Israel, when the United States, England, and Egypt decided to rebel against Carpathia's control, resulting in the destruction of various major cities by Global Community forces. This would be called "World War III".
  • The third Seal Judgment, the Horseman Of Plague, took place immediately after the events of World War III, when Nicolae punished the rebellious nations with sanctions that would increase the price of oil and food. These sanctions also encouraged ungodly practices such as abortion, assisted suicide, and the discontinued care for the elderly and the handicapped.
  • The fourth Seal Judgment, the Horseman Of Death, took place at the same time as the third Seal Judgment, when Nicolae's sanctions would result in one-fourth of the world's population dying. Scripture says that Hell follows this horseman, indicating that it is the unsaved that will perish in this judgment.
  • The fifth Seal Judgment, the Souls Under The Altar, also took place at the same time as the third Seal Judgment. This indicated the start of believers in Christ being martyred for their faith.
  • The sixth Seal Judgment, the Wrath Of The Lamb, took place 21 months after the start of the Tribulation.
  • It is unknown when the seventh Seal Judgment took place, but the Trumpet Judgments happened soon after.

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