Scotland Yard, presently called New Scotland Yard (NSY), is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for law enforcement within Greater London, excluding the City district, which is covered by the City of London Police.

The current New Scotland Yard building is located in Westminster. Administrative functions are based at the Empress State Building, and communication handling at the three Metcall complexes, rather than Scotland Yard.

Alan Tompkins, a friend of Buck Williams and Dirk Burton, worked at Scotland Yard and was the one who discovered that Dirk's death was not suicide but actually foul play. Alan tried to report this to his superiors, but was threatened with his life to keep silent about the issue by both them and by Joshua Todd-Cothran. Alan disclosed this information to Buck in a London pub where they secretly met, but afterward was killed by a bomb rigged in his car. Buck Williams was later framed for Alan's death by Scotland Yard, who wanted Buck to surrender himself to them for further questioning.

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