Gender Male
Nationality Middle Eastern
Born Sometime during the Tribulation
Occupation Former member of The Other Light, founder of the Theological Training Institute, later worker at the Children Of The Tribulation
Relatives Unnamed parents
Religion Formerly The Other Light, later Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Millennium
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Sarsour was one of the founders of the Theological Training Institute along with Mudawar, which was actually a front for The Other Light activities in Amman, in "Kingdom Come". Sarsour was not very bright, and was treated as an underling by Mudawar. Though Sarsour disliked Abdullah Smith at first when he offered his services as a chaplain for the TTI, he eventually became friends with Abdullah who then reasoned with the young person now reaching his 100th birthday the eventual failure of The Other Light's goals and the truth of Scripture regarding God and Jesus Christ, even through sharing a letter Abdullah's wife Yasmine had written that brought him to a saving faith in Jesus. When Kenny Bruce Williams was framed as a defector to The Other Light, Sarsour decided to expose the truth that Qasim Marid was a spy sent by The Other Light to infiltrate the Children Of The Tribulation school and cause trouble, framing Kenny in the process. Sarsour renounced his involvement with The Other Light and left, becoming a believer in Christ and taking over Qasim's role as a worker in the Children Of The Tribulation.