Sam-Dan friendship


The friendship between Sam Goldberg and Dan Ben-Judah began before the Rapture of the church in book 1.They remained good friends until Dan's death in book 10.

Book 7

Sam is first seen with his dad helping Dan,Nina,and their mother through the underground tunnel that connects the Ben-Judah house and the Goldberg residence.Sam's name was not revealed,though.

Book 8

Nina says that Sam and his father have stopped helping the family move in and out of the house. Once again, Sam is not mentioned by name.

Book 10

Sam introduces himself to Judd and shows him a videotape about the killings of Tsion Ben-Judah's family. Dan spits in the face of the leader of the thugs who killed the family. This helps Judd and Ryan Daley lure the murderers to the wailing wall where Eli and Moishe consumed the murderers with fire.

Book 18

Judd and Lionel meet Sam. Judd tells Sam about the videotape. Sam mentions Nina and Dan and that his father stopped helping the Ben-Judah family when the rabbi abandoned his faith.After Sam becomes a believer, he mentions Dan one last time.

Book 40

Although it was never shown, Sam saw Dan and Nina receive their rewards at the honoring of the Tribulation martyrs.


  • They were both left behind.
  • They were both friends with Judd Thompson Jr.
  • After book 18, Sam never mentions Dan again despite the fact Dan had a major role in Sam's introduction in the series. Sam says to Lionel in book 22, "Wow. I can't believe you know Tsion Ben-Judah", despite the fact that Sam was his neighbor.In book 33,Sam laments the fact he would never get to meet Tsion Ben-Judah despite the fact that Sam was his neighbor.When Tsion and Sam are together in book 35, Sam doesn't mention Dan.
  • Sam shot the videotape containing the killings of Dan and his family.
  • Both of their mothers were believers.

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