The Saber was a handgun that Rayford Steele bought from Albie in order to assassinate Nicolae Carpathia in the book "Assassins". It was also used by Nicolae to kill the two witnesses when their 1260 days of prophesying had ended. During Rayford's attempt to assassinate Carpathia, he relented only to be hit on the head from behind, causing his gun to accidentally go off. Rayford assumed that he now had accidentally killed the Antichrist, but in reality the gunshot only struck the podium and missed Carpathia completely, only for him to be killed a moment later by falling on a blade secretly held by Chaim Rosenzweig while he was feigning an illness.

The gun is described as a powerful weapon, both extremely loud and deadly. It is contained inside a block released by an intricate amount of pressure upon the corners. This block acts as the gun's safety measurement. The bullet has the ability to separate as a spinning disc and use debris to add to its strength. Therefore, it has the ability to displace wind with enormous force. This force can cause deep lacerations even if the bullet missed by two inches from a range of thirty feet. A tester of said weapon was accidentally shot from twenty feet away in the knee, which was effectively amputated by the force alone..

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