Qasim Marid

Gender Male
Nationality Middle Eastern
Born Sometime during the Tribulation
Died 100 years old, within the first century of the Millennium
Occupation Former worker at the Children Of The Tribulation
Relatives None known
Religion The Other Light
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Qasim Marid was a friend of Zaki who grew up as a "natural" in the Millennial Kingdom period in "Kingdom Come". He worked at the Children Of The Tribulation school and was introduced to the Millennium Force in the hopes that he would infiltrate The Other Light and get some information about the group that they could use against them. Secretly, though, Qasim was already working for The Other Light as a plant to get information about the Children Of The Tribulation and to cause trouble, eventually framing Kenny Bruce Williams as a defector to The Other Light. However, when Sarsour came with Abdullah Smith to reveal the truth about Qasim, he was fired from his job and soon died at his 100th birthday.

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