A prayer is a personal religious ritual performed mostly for private and public communications with a deity or greater being. Depending on the religion, a person can take a variety of physical positions that indicate submission unto the one he or she is praying to: standing up with their head bowed, kneeling, or with their body and face flat to the ground. In Christianity, prayer is recommended for one's growth in their personal faith, though there is no set time for people to engage in prayer, as the Scripture says for believers to "pray without ceasing". A model prayer is one taught by Jesus in Matthew 6:9-13 that is commonly called "the Lord's Prayer".

In the Left Behind books, prayer is a constant tool used by the members of the Tribulation Force, the Young Tribulation Force, and the Millennium Force as they engage in spiritual warfare against the forces of evil embodied in both Nicolae Carpathia with his Global Community and the Luciferian group known as The Other Light. A "sinner's prayer" is given to those who are new to the faith during the Tribulation so that they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for their spiritual protection. At the end of the Tribulation, upon Jesus' return, He recites with His followers a fulfilled version of "the Lord's Prayer", thanking God for His Kingdom coming and His will being done, followed by a shorter version of the prayer from John chapter 17.

Nicolae Carpathia is seen in one of the books praying to his "spiritual father" Satan, while in Armageddon, Jock Ashmore prayed to Nicolae for a blessing on the breakfast that he was going to eat in front of his captive Chloe Williams.

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