The Olivet Discourse is the sermon given by Jesus to His disciples at the Mount of Olives in Matthew chapter 24, Mark chapter 13, and Luke chapter 21 about the times related to the Lord's coming, which the Left Behind books deal with.


  • The abomination of desolation, as mentioned in the book of Daniel, of which Jesus warns those in Judea to flee to the mountains when it appears. This was fulfilled when Nicolae Carpathia defiled the Temple by sacrificing a pig on the altar and attempting to set up a golden image of himself in the Temple, which resulted in such a backlash from the Jews that Carpathia ended up breaking the seven-year agreement he had made with the nation Israel. Also at that time, the Tribulation Force put into effect Operation Eagle that would transport the Jews fleeing from Carpathia to God's chosen place of protection called Petra.
  • The sign of the Son of Man appearing in the sky, prior to Jesus coming in a great cloud to send His angels to gather His elect from one end of heaven to the other.

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