Gender Male
Nationality Adamite of the family line of Seth
Born 182 years after the birth of Lamech (Genesis 5:28,29); exact date unknown
Died 950 years old (Genesis 9:29); exact date unknown
Occupation Farmer, preacher, builder
Relatives Adam (great ancestor), Lamech (father), Unnamed wife, Shem (son), Ham (son), Japheth (son), Abraham (descendant), Isaac (descendant), Jacob (descedant), David (descendant), Jesus Christ (physical descendant)
Religion Believer in God
Spiritual State Saved
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Noah is one of the legendary forefathers of Jesus Christ who in Scripture built an ark large enough to save all of God's creatures from the flood that He was destroying the world that existed at that time with. Noah was one of the Old Testament saints that was rewarded by Jesus after His Second Coming in the book "Glorious Appearing". He also appeared in the book "Kingdom Come" to speak to children at the Children Of The Tribulation school.

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