Nicolae Carpathia High School, also known as Nicolae High, formerly Prospect High School, was a high school renamed to glorify Nicolae Carpathia. Judd Thompson Jr., Vicki Byrne, Lionel Washington, Shelly, John Preston, Mark Eisman, Janie McCanyon, and Marjorie Amherst were former students at this school. John, Mark, and Marjorie graduated from this school. Judd was expelled for his speech in book 8. Lionel left Nicolae High in book 11, thinking he was going to be with family members. Janie was sent away for hiding drugs in her locker.

The Young Trib Force spread their message multiple times at Nicolae High, mostly through their underground newspaper. It was where the group's persecution began. Vicki was sent away for her involvement with the Underground, though she eventually returned. In book 11, Vicki was caught with copies of The Underground at Nicolae High. In the Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake, the school was destroyed. Shelly was attempting to clear Vicki's name when she heard about what happened and her ear bled when the quake hit. Laverne Jenness, the principal of Nicolae High, was eventually killed in the quake.

The school was never seen again after book 12, though it is mentioned and thought of during the rest of the series.


  • The school is named after Nicolae Jetty Carpathia.
  • The school mascot is the Doves.
  • John and Mark were the only members of the group to graduate from this school.
  • Ryan was the only original member of the Young Trib Force not to be a student as this school.
  • Shelly was the only member of the group to still be a student at this school when it was destroyed in the earthquake.
  • Lionel was the only member of the group to have been both a student at Nicolae High and Global Community Middle School.
  • John and Mark repeated their senior year here, though it is not known why.
  • Judd confirms that when the Glorious Appearing takes place, he won't be thinking of Nicolae High at all.

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