New Jerusalem is the prophesied city that came down from heaven upon the "new earth" when the old earth was destroyed. It appeared at the end of the Millennial Kingdom in "Kingdom Come". 

It is described as a gold-colored cube studded with jewels, 1500 miles long, wide, and high, with 12 gates (three per each vertical side), each made from a single pearl; the walls are made of jasper. Its first floor has the throne room of God, indicating that the city could also be called an arcology, being a monolithic block rather than a collection of structures. 

The city is self-contained and self-sufficient, since the New Earth has no geographical features and there is no more sea. 

New Jerusalem's walls are approximately 100 feet thick, but the city features no active defenses. Its status as the only structure on the New Earth, and the strategically poor choice of construction materials, make the city it extremely easy to target with orbital kinetic strikes. It is not known whether New Jerusalem resides at the same latitude as the historical Jerusalem; the New Earth's featurelessness makes longitude irrelevant. 

Rayford Steele experiences being drawn into the city after the White Throne Judgement. The only inhabitants of the city are those found in the Book of Life, and they are described as "reigning forever and ever", suggesting that Angels persist as an underclass and dwell outside the city. 

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