Natalie Bishop was a Global Community Morale Monitor who is a Christian. She was working inside the Global Community helping her friends in the Young Tribulation Force by giving them information. She helps the group when they're trying to break out Charlie and the Shairtons when the couple, along with Charlie, are arrested by the Global Community. She also helps out in other ways, and is a big help to the Young Trib Force until she's caught by her supervisor during an operation to break out believers from a Global Community jail and is eventually beheaded by Commander Kruno Fulcire for being a believer.

Natalie was friends with Vicki Byrne and Jim Dekker. She was acquainted with Mark Eisman,Conrad Graham,Darrion Stahley, and Charlie.She was enemies with Darryl Henderson and Kruno Fulcire.Claudia Zander was her roommate.

Natalie is mentioned and thought of in book 30.She is mentioned in books 31,32, and 35.In book 39,Natalie was one of the tribulation saints Mark thought about when he was remembering examples of people laying down their lives.Fulcire talks about Natalie, although it is obvious Natalie didn't give him any information about believers.

In book 40, Natalie and the other tribulation martyrs are resurrected and rewarded.Vicki later reunites with her.


  • Natalie's first appearance was in book 24.
  • Natalie's first POV was in book 27.
  • Natalie's final POV and death were in book 29.
  • The scenes where Fulcire and Natalie interact and Natalie gets executed are never shown.
  • Pictures of Natalie and the aftermath of her execution are seen by Mark Eisman in book 39.
  • Natalie was 17 when she died.

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