Gender Male
Nationality Middle Eastern
Born Sometime during the Tribulation
Died 100 years old, within the first century of the Millennium
Occupation Member of The Other Light, founder of the Theological Training Institute
Relatives None known
Religion The Other Light
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Mudawar was one of the founders of the Theological Training Institute along with Sarsour, which was actually a front for The Other Light activities in Amman, in "Kingdom Come". Mudawar was very intelligent, but treated Sarsour with contempt as an underling. He disliked Abdullah Smith who offered his services as a chaplain for the TTI and originally wanted him gone, but allowed him to set up an office nonetheless, intending to use Abdullah's services to his advantage. However, when Sarsour revealed to Abdullah outside the TTI offices that Qasim Marid was a spy sent by The Other Light to infiltrate the Children Of The Tribulation school and cause trouble, eventually framing Kenny Bruce Williams as being a defector to The Other Light, Sarsour decided to "blow the whistle" on Mudawar and The Other Light and departed with Abdullah. Mudawar died 100 years old as an unbeliever in the Millennial Kingdom, though regarded as a martyr for The Other Light.

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