Mrs. Wong

Gender Female
Nationality Chinese Asian
Born  ? years before the Rapture
Relatives Chang Wong (son), Mr. Wong (husband), Ming Toy Woo (daughter), Ree Woo (son-in-law)
Religion Carpathianism (formerly), Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation

Mrs. Wong is the mother of Chang Wong and Ming Woo and the husband of Mr. Wong. She along with her husband appeared in New Babylon around the time of the midpoint of the Tribulation to recommend their son to serve Nicolae Carpathia as a member of the computer division that was headed by David Hassid. She was rather fearful and submissive unto her husband as he forced Chang into accepting the "mark of loyalty", going so far as to give him a sedative in order for the mark to be applied without his consent. When Leon Fortunato as Most High Reverend Father of Carpathianism made it a law that all the citizens of the world must accept the "mark of loyalty" or be executed, Mrs. Wong and her husband went underground and became believers in Christ, with Mr. Wong being executed for his failure to take the mark. Ming working undercover as a Global Community Peacekeeper found her mother hiding in China and was told supernaturally that her mother would survive to the end of the Tribulation, though she would be imprisoned in the process.

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