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Mrs. Pappas

Alias Mrs. P
Gender Female
Nationality Grecain Caucasian
Born  ? Years before the Rapture
Died Shortly after the start of the Second Bowl Judgment
Occupation Restaurant owner
Relatives Mr. Pappas (Husband, Massacred)

Costas Pappas (Son, Massacred)

Father-in-Law (Raptured)

Grandfather-in-Law (Died of Old Age)

Uncle-in-Law (Raptured)

Kronos Pappas (Cousin-in-Law, Shot)

Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved

Mrs. Pappas (AKA Mrs. P) was a prominent member of the Co-op and Ptolemais Church and was the last living member of the Ptolemais Church. She was the last person to be killed in the massacre at her restaurant/holdout, ran by her and her husband and son.

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