Mrs. Jenness

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian
Born  ? Years before the Rapture
Died During Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake
Occupation Principal at Nicolae High
Spiritual State Unknown
First Appearance Earthquake!
Mrs. Jenness was the principal at Nicolae Carpathia High School.


Earthquake!: The Young Trib Force Faces Disaster

As Mrs. Jenness drives Vicki Byrne on a bridge to a Global Community jail, the Wrath of The Lamb earthquake starts. The bridge is destroyed, and the car Vicki was in is carried into a mud-flow that leads into a huge hole. As this happens, Vicki tries to preach to the principal about Jesus Christ, but a fallen tree truck crushes the principal. Vicki is able to escape, but the car and the fallen tree trunk both fall into the deep hole.

It is unknown if Mrs. Jenness believed in Christ minutes before she died, like Uncle André did, but it's possible.

The Showdown: Behind Enemy Lines

After the previous book, Joyce was making a rumor that Vicki killed Mrs. Jenness.


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