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  • ...please know that your edits are becoming disruptive to the point where they can be considered vandalism. Since you will not listen to advice, you will be blocked and so will any other names you use.

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    Spiritplumber closed this thread because:
    Grow up.
    16:44, April 14, 2016
    • Yes, "spirit plumber" is "geistklempner" translated from German to English.

      If you intend to make this a fight, you will lose it. Hence, I suggest we avoid fighting in the first place.

      How are my edits disruptive? You've ended up incorporating most of them and, effectively, taking credit for them in the wiki log. Is this something you do to other authors/editors as well?

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    • No. In fact, I will revert everything back to what it was before you made any additions or changes, or will just change them with different wording.

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    • You're just mad that I know more about you about this fandom. Wallow in your butthurt all you like, and play petty tyrant on this wiki with only two people in it.

      You lose. Goodbye.

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