Reboot Movie Exclusive Character
This character is exclusive to the Stoney Lake Entertainment Left Behind movie series.

Melvin Weir

Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Occupation Unknown
Relatives None known
Religion Nonbeliever
Spiritual State Uncertain
First Appearance Left Behind (2014 movie)

Melvin Weir is a character from the 2014 LEFT BEHIND movie. He is one of the passengers on board the flight from New York to London that Rayford Steele was the pilot of when the Rapture took place. He is very sensitive of the fact that he is a midget and rather short-tempered around people. Despite his short-temper, he does speak to Shasta Carwell's daughter and learns her father is a famous football player who injured his arm. After the Rapture, Melvin, acting with xenophobia, believed that Middle Eastern passenger Hassid was a terrorist and the abductions were part of a terrorist attack and even checked his bag while Hassid and other passengers were busy looking outside their windows, but was caught snooping by Hassid. Near the end of the film when the plane lands, a hestitant Melvin is pushed down the evacuation slide by Hassid and is seen talking to him in the background. 

He is played by Martin Klebba.

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