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You may also be looking for the Left Behind: The Kids book "The Mark of the Beast".
The mark of the beast

the mark of the beast portrayed in The Mark

The Mark of the Beast, as mentioned in Revelation 13:16-18, is the mark given to show loyalty to the Antichrist on the right hand or the forehead of the unbelievers. In the Left Behind series, the Mark of the Beast is the way of showing loyalty to Nicolae Carpathia and the Global Community, who calls it the "Mark of Loyalty". It can be placed either in your right hand or forehead through the use of a biochip injector (the biochip being necessary for people to legally buy or sell), while a tattoo mark of either Nicolae Carpathia's name or the region code number is placed on the skin. Those who refuse to take the mark will suffer decapitation by guillotine (called a "loyalty enforcement facilitator" by the Global Community). Taking the mark of the beast and worshipping his image, as mentioned in the Bible, would condemn the person to eternity in the Lake of Fire, and would also subject that person to the effects of the Bowl Judgments. The mark becomes mandatory in book 8, "The Mark".

Region Codes (The Number Of The Beast)

Each of the ten regions (prophesied in the Bible) in the Global Community, the Antichrist-headed world government, is given a code that is also used when the Mark of the Beast is applied to Global Community loyalists. Each number is obtained from a mathematical expression involving three sixes, the number of the beast. For example, a citizen from the United Carpathian States would receive a 216 on his or her right hand or forehead.

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