Mainyu Mazda

Alias MM, Double M
Gender Male
Nationality Middle Eastern Iraqian
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died Within final year of the Tribulation, exact cause unspecified
Occupation Black market dealer, criminal
Relatives Multiple wives, one dead

Ex Brother-in-law

Religion Likely Muslim
Spiritual State Most likely condemned
First Appearance Armageddon

Mainyu Mazda (nicknamed Double-M) was an infamous Middle East black market dealer who was known for killing whoever crossed him, including one of his wives. With each person he killed, he would have an M tattooed around his neck; sometimes he would get the tattoo prior to killing someone. Mainyu claims to have no loyalty to the Global Community, only serving them by bringing them bodies of the disloyal for bounty money. His mark was faked, but not very well, since it had 216 rather than 72, which is from his home. When Albie came to visit him to purchase help in bugging the place where the Global Community was moving to due to the "plague of darkness" over New Babylon, Mainyu squeezed Albie for everything he had in order for him to afford the cost of the deal. Then, intending to take the money all for himself, and eager to earn bounty money, Mainyu shot Albie and made it look like he committed suicide. It is unknown what happened to him afterward.

His name is likely taken from the gods of Zoroastrianism, Angra Mainyu and Ahura Mazda.

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