Loretta comic



Gender Female
Nationality American Caucasian
Born  ? Years before Rapture
Died Sixth Seal Judgment
Occupation Secretary
Relatives None Singled out, her whole extended family was raptured
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved after Rapture
First Appearance Left Behind

Loretta is a fictional character in the Left Behind series. She was a member of New Hope Village Church prior to being left behind at the Rapture. She was saved shortly afterward and began assisting Bruce Barnes, as well as the rest of the Tribulation Force, at the beginning of the Tribulation. She was there when Bruce was discovered dead at the beginning of World War III and also when his funeral was held a short time later at New Hope.

Loretta herself was killed in the Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake when her car rolled on top of her and crushed her. Her body was discovered by Buck Williams.

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