Left Behind II: Tribulation Force - Gospel is a soundtrack album consisting of various gospel Christian songs that appear or are centered around the theme of the second movie in the Cloud Ten Pictures LEFT BEHIND film series.

Track listing:
1. God Is Good - Chester D.T. Baldwin
2. Glory of the Blood, The - Dottie Peoples
3. Come Fly With Me - Luther Barnes
4. Jesus on the Mainline - Norman Hutchins
5. Thank You For Your Love - Keith Dobbins & The Resurrection Mass Choir Lead By Yolanda Adams
6. Be Ready - Melvin Williams
7. I Can Only Imagine - Ella Glasgow
8. Lamb Is Come, The - The Angelic Voices Of Abundant Life
9. Stand - Daryl Coley/Marvin Sapp/Helen Baylor/Maurette/Brown-Clark
10. Church Do You Have It - Keith Dobbins & The Resurrection Mass Choir Lead By Keith Dobbins
11. Pieces - Cassie Murnell
12. When I See You - Brent Jones
13. Don't Worry - Ben Tankard
14. He Is Worthy - Tim Bishop Brown

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