Left Behind II: Tribulation Force - Contemporary Christian is a soundtrack album consisting of various contemporary Christian songs that appear or are centered around the theme of the second movie in the Cloud Ten Pictures LEFT BEHIND film series.

Track listing:
1. Suddenly - Russlee
2. It's My Desire - Kelly Garner
3. In The Sky - Bob Carlisle/Russ Lee/Ashley Cleveland
4. Freedom Song - Matt Brouwer
5. I See Jesus - Greg Long
6. Lamb Of God - Rebecca St. James
7. Rain - Bob Carlisle
8. I Love You - Abee
9. Greatest Mystery, The - Rick Muchow
10. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home - Newsong
11. Can't Live Without You - Paul Alan
12. Faith - Adam Watts
13. Faith In Paradise - Regle Hamm
14. Deeper Faith, A - John Tesh

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