Left Behind Games was a computer game company that specialized mainly in creating tactical strategy games based on the Left Behind book series under the name Inspired Media Entertainment. Though the company has been defunct since 2011, copies of the games tend to available in stock and the website still offers a free download of the 4th game.


The company by Troy Lyndon with an intention of creating many religious games in 2001 with a goal of at least 50 and connecting them to churches. The company closed down its offices and shut down operations in 2011.  In however 2013, the company came under a lawsuit by the SEC for an alleged "Revenue Inflation Scheme" and suspended trading of the company. This came after Troy gave unregistered shares of the company's stock to a minister who then sold it.

With the defunct status of the company, the copyright status of their games is probably invalid. If so, the games might be found easily as downloads (check for viruses) as a type of "shareware" that is tended to be called "abandonware" since no other company brought rights to the games.


Left Behind:

  1. Left Behind: Eternal Forces - 2006
  2. Left Behind: Tribulation Forces - 2007
  3. Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist - 2009
  4. Left Behind 4: World at War - 2011 (website with free download)


  • Charlie Church Mouse
  • King Solomon's Trivia Challenge 1&2
  • King Solomon's Word Games

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