Left Behind: an Experience in Sound and Drama

Left Behind: an Experience in Sound and Drama is a release of the first 12 episodes in the Left Behind radio show, based on the first book of the original book series:

1. Shadows In The Air
2. World In Turmoil
3. Body Count
4. Love's Legacy
5. The Broken Man
6. Truth And Consequences
7. The Rising
8. Timeline To Destruction
9. Hattie's Love
10. The Witnesses
11. Answers To Prayer
12. The Force


"So, do you feel like a cookie?"
"Do I look like one?"

- Chloe Steele and Buck Williams as they spot a nearby homemade cookie vendor


Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins: Original Authors
Chris Fabry: Adaptation
Todd Busteed: Director
Steve Wick: Music

Publication Date: March 1, 1999

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