Lars Rahlmost

Alias Lars
Gender Male
Nationality Presumably Caucasian American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died During Fourth Bowl Judgment
Occupation Computer technician, investigator
Religion Carpathianism
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Desecration

Lars Rahlmost is a character that first appeared in the book "Desecration". He was a computer technician who was sent to investigate around the New Babylon Global Community palace to find out who would be the mole leaking out vital important information to the Tribulation Force. He was considered cocky and condescending toward his fellow workers. While Aurelio Sequoia Figueroa did the interrogation of Chang Wong with a lie detector computer program, who managed to pass with flying colors, Lars worked on rebooting the laptop that Chang purposely crashed in order to keep the investigators from finding out what was on it. Fortunately, Lars was unable to stop Chang from retrieving the information that he kept on a phantom drive after the laptop was rebooted. Lars was last seen in "The Remnant" at the start of the fourth Bowl Judgment when the incredible heat of the sun caused the windows in the New Babylon computer department to explode, impaling Lars and a woman next to him with shards of glass before they were both baked to death by the extreme heat.

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