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In book 37, Judd Thompson Jr. proposes to Vicki Bryne Barnes. He takes Vicki for a drive, and tricks her to think that the Global Community are coming after them. It is really Zeke, who has the ring. He proposes to her on an abandoned rode. She, of course, says yes. They go back to the cabins and have a party with their friends. Soon, Judd gets a call from Westin Jakes who will take him to New Babylon, and then Petra. Judd goes with him. And Vicki is to go with them on Westin's next flight. That does not happen. Judd ends up in New Babylon! He finally gets out of there and Vicki and Lionel get a flight with Mac, part of the Tribulation force. Judd and Vicki finally get to Petra. There they are married by Tsion Ben Judah. Judd's best man is Lionel. After the wedding, manna falls from the sky! Then Judd shows Vicki their new home.

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