Judd Thompson Jr. is one of the founding members of The Young Tribulation Force and the main protagonist in the Left Behind: The Kids series. On the night of the disappearances, Judd stole his dad's credit card and ran away, telling his parents that he was going to the library to study. He instead went to O'Hare airport and boarded a one-way flight to England. When some of the people on board the plane disappear, leaving only their clothes, Judd realizes that Jesus has come back and he has been left behind. When he returns home and discovers that his entire family had disappeared in the Rapture, he becomes a believer in Christ. He returns to his old church, where he meets Bruce Barnes, Vicki Byrne, Lionel Washington and Ryan Daley. He allows them all to stay at his house. He falls in love with Vicki early on but does not show his love for her until later. In Book 38 they are married in the desert fortress of Petra.


Rsz judd portal 1

Judd Thompson, Jr.

Gender Male
Nationality American
Born 16 years before Rapture
Occupation Former high school student
Relatives Judd Thompson, Sr. (father, raptured), mother (raptured), Marc Thompson (brother,raptured), Marcie Thompson(sister,raptured), Vicki Byrne Thompson (wife)
Religion Christian
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance The Vanishings (Left Behind: The Kids)

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