Gender Male
Nationality Hebrew of the family of Jacob
Born Unknown date
Died 110 years old, exact date unknown
Occupation Leader of Egypt
Relatives Abraham (great-grandfather), Isaac (grandfather), Jacob (father), Rachel (mother), Benjamin (brother), Reuben (half-brother), Simeon (half-brother), Levi (half-brother), Judah (half-brother), Dan (half-brother), Naphtali (half-brother), Gad (half-brother), Asher (half-brother), Issachar (half-brother), Zebulun (half-brother), Dinah (half-sister), Asenath (wife), Manasseh (son), Ephraim (son)
Religion Believer in God
Spiritual State Saved
First Appearance Glorious Appearing

Joseph is the son of Jacob, who is the grandson of Abraham, the legendary father of faith for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Joseph was given the ability to interpret dreams through God's help, and was so much the favorite son of his father that his half-brothers wanted to get rid of him. Although they intended to be permanently rid of Joseph by selling him to the Ishamelites, who in turn sold him to Potiphar the Egyptian, Joseph eventually found his way to being the second-in-command in charge of Egypt when he was able to interpret the Pharaoh's dreams as seven years of plentiful crops followed by seven years of famine. During the seven years of famine, Joseph's brothers reunited with him in Egypt and discovered that he was still alive and that God was the one who sent him there to preserve his family. Joseph was one of the Old Testament saints that was rewarded by Jesus after His Second Coming in the book "Glorious Appearing".

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