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Jonathan Stonagal

Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died A week or so after Rapture
Occupation Businessman and finanicer
Relatives None known
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Left Behind

Jonathan Stonagal is a powerful and highly influential American financier with links to Viv Ivins' Luciferian organization. Apart from controlling most of the world's largest financial institutions and being the richest man in history, he also owns the genetic engineering company that artificially inseminated Nicolae Carpathia's mother Marilena with a hybrid sperm through his Project People's Victory. As her son Nicolae comes of age, Stonagal becomes one of his mentors, financing his rise in the corporate world.

At his first meeting as United Nations Secretary-General (at the end of Left Behind Book 1), Carpathia executes Stonagal with a revolver, believing that his usefulness has expired. The same bullet that kills Stonagal also kills Joshua Todd-Cothran, the head of the London Stock Exchange, believed responsible for plotting an attempt on Buck Williams' life earlier in the book as well as liquidating many of his acquaintances. Carpathia then brainwashes everyone in the room (except Williams, who was protected by God) into believing that Stonagal shot himself and Todd-Cothran in remorse for the assassinations.

In Tribulation Force (Book 2), Carpathia tells Williams that he was named the sole benefactor in Stonagal's will, though Stonagal's family members will receive massive payoffs to silence them. This effectively bestowed on Carpathia the financial resources and clout needed for his intended takeover of the world's media and information networks, granting him a media monopoly.

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