John Preston

Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian American
Born  ? years before Rapture
Died Sometime during the Tribulation
Occupation High school student
Relatives Mark Eisman (cousin)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation

John Preston was one of the members of The Young Tribulation Force.He and his cousin Mark Eisman met Judd Thompson Jr. on their first day at Nicolae High.John helped to distribute the underground newspaper at that school.He left Mount Prospect in book 11 for college.He remained there until he was drafted by the GC after the earthquake.In book 16,he sacrifices his life to save Carl Meninger's during the second trumpet judgement by giving up his spot on the escape submarine for him.He was close friends with Judd Thompson Jr. and Vicki Byrne.He also was friends with Lionel Washington,Ryan Daley, and Shelly.Additional friends include Chaya Stein,Bruce Barnes,Carl Meninger,and Jim Pelton.He disliked Laverne Jenness and had a conflict with Coach Handlesman,but the two were on good terms at the time of his death.John is mentioned in book 17 and thought of and mentioned in books 18,19, and 20.He is thought of in books 24,25, and 27.In book 39 it is revealed that Mark never really got over his death.After Mark dies Judd thinks about when he first met John and Mark and all they had been through together.

In book 40,he is resurrected along with the other tribulation martyrs.He is the third to be called in the honoring of the martyrs, following Bruce and Mark.


  • Most of John's family was taken in the Rapture except for his aunt,Mark,and himself.
  • John's first appearance was in book 5.
  • John's death was in book 16.
  • John and Mark repeated their senior year.The reason why is unknown.
  • John's only POV was in book 16
  • John and Chaya were the only members of the Young Trib Force not to be on the run from the GC.
  • John is the least spoken of member in the group.
  • John and Chaya were the only members of the group to attend college.Neither of them were college graduates.
  • John,Mark,Ryan,Shelly,Chaya,Tanya,Tom,and Luke were the only members of the Young Trib Force not to be wanted by the GC.
  • John,Mark,Chaya,Tanya,Tom,Natalie,Luke,and Carl were the only members of the group not to say anything in book 40.

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