Gender Male
Nationality Middle East Egyptian
Born Possibly within the first century of the Millennium
Died 100 years old, within the second century of the Millennium
Occupation Leader of The Only Light
Relatives None known
Religion The Only Light
Spiritual State Condemned
First Appearance Kingdom Come

Ishmael was the leader of The Only Light sect in Osaze in "Kingdom Come". He had Rayford Steele abducted and brought into custody under the assumption that God will not be able to deliver him in time to accomplish his team's ministry in Siwa. As a member of The Only Light, Ishmael believes that God is totally nonexistent and that Lucifer had locked himself away and will release himself centuries later to lead his believers to victory against God's followers. Ishmael's plans of holding Rayford hostage were thwarted when Anis appeared in The Only Light's underground headquarters to set Rayford and the other captives free.